Everyday I feel like I’m surrounded by people trying too hard to fit in or be ‘cool’. We live in a world of superficial satisfactions and temporary trends. Nothing valuable seems to last. Kids and teens especially, are too focused on the latest iPhone release, how many followers they have on twitter, or how many likes they can get on Facebook. When they get their technology taken away it’s as if their whole world has been shut down. All the junk you can find online all squished onto some smart screen and then stared at for hours on a couch, in the car, or during school instead of learning. Where is the value or meaning in any of this ‘smart’ junk? Is it doing any good for these kids, or just distorting their perception of reality? What if even a fraction of the time kids use technology was replaced with riding a bike with a friend or family member? Think of the impact.

blogggCycling is a tradition that can never go ‘out of style’ or lose its value. For hundreds of years people have been riding bikes, and since then the industry has only grown to help this world become a better place. I started working for Montague in fall of 2012, and before that I knew next to nothing about the cycling industry. Since then I have worked part time for this company as a model and producer, getting familiar with the industry and studying the media aspect of cycling. I have to say cycling is effortlessly cool. These people don’t ride to impress people, they don’t ride to gain likes and followers, they do it because they love it. Often times I have felt inadequate in the presence of cyclists because they have all been doing this for years, and I’m just a newbie coming in from a very different angle. So far I haven’t seen anything not cool – Down to earth, healthy people who share a hobby that you can literally take all over the world.

Cycling is intelligent. For our bodies, for the environment, for our wallet, and the list goes on. The majority of adults in the US would probably say they haven’t ridden a bike since they were a kid – but they are also the ones who complain about gas prices and the need to get in shape. They probably never even considered bike riding as a method to solve both of those problems. If you haven’t gone on a bike ride in years, it is probably easy to forget the combination of emotions that riding can mix up. Do you remember learning how to ride a bike as a kid? That rush of excitement when you finally meet the day of no more training wheels. Whether you are riding along a desolate back road or on a major populated street in the city, the constant movement of the bicycle while you move through the air and the rhythm of the ride is peaceful and relaxing. On the other hand, cycling can be intense and challenging when you test your physical limits, or battle city traffic. What makes it so good for you goes beyond a simple workout. You learn to push yourself through the rough spots in order to become a better rider – and the positive energy your endorphin’s release after riding instantly puts you in a better mood.


As some older industries fall to the wayside and the new technological world continues to take over, cycling is one of the few things that won’t be forgotten. The passion in this industry will only continue growing stronger, attracting more and more people that want to live a fulfilling lifestyle. Thank you Montague Corporation for directing me to this industry, I am glad to be a part of it. Happy riding 🙂

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