There are a lot of parts on a bicycle that need to be replaced regularly; tires, tubes, chains, brake cables, you name it. When old parts are swapped out for shiny new replacements, they often end up in a scrap heap or a bin in your basement never to be seen again, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Some very creative and resourceful people are putting discarded bike parts to good use.

Green Guru
Green Guru is a company out of Boulder, CO building a wide range of cycling accessories almost entirely from recycled bike tubes.  They specialize in bags; messenger bags, backpacks, panniers, saddle bags, all made from tubes that would have ended up in a landfill. They even make phone cases, wallets, and laptop sleeves. The unique material means they’re naturally waterproof. Find them at


Bicycle Belts
Tom Hellman from Tallahassee, FL has a successful business producing handmade belts from used bicycle tires. The wide variety of colors and tread patterns out there translates to some very interesting belt designs. You can decorate your waist with anything from colorful road slicks to knobby mountain bike tires. Keep your pants up, and feel good that there’s one less tire in trash. If you want a belt made from your own tire, custom belts are available too.


Bicycle Taxidermy
We all have a sentimental attachment to our bikes. If you’re getting a new ride and want to immortalize a part of your old one, Bicycle Taxidermy can turn your old cockpit into a beautiful wall decoration. Inspired by antlers and horns you often see mounted on wood plaques, a taxidermied bicycle is a more animal-friendly way to liven up your den.


Bicycle Jewelry
There’s a wide variety of jewelry out there made from bike chains, spokes, and cogs. If you’re feeling crafty, a lot of these would make a great DIY project. If not, check out the marketplace for these one of a kind items.



With the unfortunate “throw-away” nature of today’s society, I love to see things being recycled or reused. Clearly the bike community is filled with some very creative minds!

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