Here in Montague’s hometown of Boston, bikes are making news. We’ve had our fair share of snow, sleet, and freezing temperatures this winter, and the Boston Globe has taken note that we’re still out there riding! On the front page of today’s Globe is a feature titled, “Welcoming The Winter Cycle”. The article celebrates the all-weather cyclist, not an uncommon site here in New England’s Hub. Annual bike trips in Boston have increased an incredible 78 percent since 2007, and while many put their bike in storage for the winter months, an astonishing 14,000 bike trips are made in the city every day during winter. Even the single digit temperatures of the last few days hasn’t discouraged us.

Greg Ralich, interviewed in the Globe article: “People are like, ‘You’re seriously going to ride in this kind of weather?’” “I’m like, ‘Yeah. No problem.’”

This is New England. We take pride in having harsh winters, and it’s certainly not going to keep us off our bikes. Here at Montague, we’re certainly still commuting by bike, how about you?:


You can read the Boston Globe article in it’s entirety on the Boston Globe website.

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