‘Tis that time of the year again. If you celebrate Christmas, you’re probably setting up a tree in your living room, draping it in lights, and hanging all those little ornaments on it. Everything from the popsicle stick Santa your 3rd grader made, to the priceless glass Christmas pickle will adorn your tree. How about an ornament that represents your love of cycling?

If you have an old bike chain laying around, it’s DIY time. Don’t worry, this one isn’t difficult. You will need:

1. Bike chain at least 10 links long

2. Chain tool

3. Super Glue

4. Wire ornament hook (or ribbon)

5. Christmas spirit and maybe some Eggnog (rum optional)

Before you start, I’d recommend cleaning the chain with de-greaser. If you don’t have that on hand, household dish soap works just fine. For this Star ornament, you’ll need a section of chain exactly 10 links long. Using your chain tool, break the chain at the tenth link, being careful not to push the pin all the way out the other side.


Next, you’ll need to reconnect the chain in a loop. Put the opposite ends together, and use the chain tool to push the pin back in:


Now, for the formation of a star (no, not a molecular cloud collapsing in outer space). Simply push every other link toward the center of the loop, so you end up with five points sticking outward. Making the inner joints equidistant from each other will create a perfectly symmetrical star.


You’ll need to glue the joints of the chain for it to keep it’s shape. I’ve found standard Super Glue works quite well, as it flows freely enough to seep into the joints. Put a drop on each of the inner plates of the chain so it can get between the layers. Be sure not to glue your ornament down to the table, or work surface (definitely not speaking from experience here…).


It won’t take long to dry, but I’d give it an hour or so to be on the safe side. For hanging, a normal wire ornament hook can be looped right through one of the outer links. This time of year you can get these anywhere Christmas decorations are sold.


A nice piece of ribbon would also work well, and in retrospect, probably look better too. I think my next one will use red ribbon…

Final step: Hang it on your tree, and have a glass of that Eggnog.


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