Sometimes taking a nice long ride by yourself is a great way to clear your head, and refresh both the body and mind. Other times, there’s nothing better than cycling with a companion. If you’re taking a leisurely cruise, it’s nice to have someone to enjoy it with, and if you’re training hard, having someone to push you and compete with can do wonders. If you love cycling, or you’re just getting into it, you may want to check out, a website specifically designed to connect cyclists.

Unlike other “meet-up” sites where the main goal is to find a date, this social network connects cyclists looking to share the experience of riding together.

cyclingbuddy1 was started last year in the UK, and with membership being free, it’s popularity is quickly growing worldwide. The website will display cyclists in your the area, showing information such us age, experience level, fitness goals, and riding style (road/off-road/both).


Cycling Buddy even allows you to upload GPS data from your rides, so you can track your progress, share your routes, and show off your best times.

If you’ve had trouble finding the motivation to ride lately, meeting fellow cyclists is a good opportunity to dust off your bike and get a few miles in with people who love riding. Sharing that passion means there’s a huge potential of becoming really good friends along the way.  Even if you just use your bike for commuting, a cycling buddy can allow you to find shortcuts on your route, and learn helpful bike skills and safety tips.


It’s certainly a novel idea. If you need a riding partner or you want to organize a group ride, you can now do it with just the click of a mouse. Put that on the to-do list!

And no more excuses. If you don’t find a buddy near you, fold your bike and drive somewhere for a meetup.  That’s always possible with a Montague folding bike.


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