We’ve all been waiting anxiously for another guest post from Mireia and Alex, who are currently traveling the Americas with a modified Land Cruiser, and 2 Montague Bikes. Here it is! They’re still enjoying Mexico, having a great time, and seeing the sights from the saddles of their Montagues. Don’t take our word for it, see what they have to say in their latest update from the road:

Where did we leave off last time…at the turtle sanctuary in Mayto! Once we arrived in the tortugario, and met the people working there, they convinced us to stay for a week and volunteer. As the views and beach were magnificent, and the people so nice, we decided to stay until that Sunday, a total of 5 days. In exchange for helping there, we were given a place to sleep (a welcome luxury on this trip).

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On the first day, we saw 160 turtles born, and released them into the sea. The rest of the days we helped mostly with the cleaning and cooking. At night, we went in turns to find turtles, take their excess eggs and put them in a new man made nest. We dug into the sand to simulate the nests created by the turtles. This was an amazing and beautiful experience, and we were able to learn a lot about those animals while working alongside the biologists! We certainly enjoyed the beach and perfect sand while we were there, and met a lot of interesting people!

On Sunday we continued our trip, traveling next to the colonial villages. We must say they are all beautiful in their own way, and have a certain old-world charm!  We visited Guadalajara, Aguascalientes, Zacatecas, San Luis Potosi, Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, Patzcuaro, Morelia, Metepec and Mexico City!




All these villages are amazing, but the ones we loved the most were: Guadalajara due to the beautiful architecture, the many activities to do, and maybe because it is also a big city. Zacatecas, a mining village, where there was a street theater, so we were able to enjoy some plays. Guanajuato, a village with lots of underground tunnels to explore and very beautiful buildings. We arrived there during a festival called ‘festival cervantino’, so we had a great experience with a party-like atmosphere.


San Miguel de Allende is a very charming and very well maintained city, with a lot of tourism. Patzcuaro, which has nearby the volcano Paricutin. When it erupted in 1943 it buried two villages, and you can still see part of a church from the original village (above).


And finally Mexico city, the Capital!  We visited the tourist center, went to a ‘lucha libre’ wrestling match, which we entered for free by dressing up, and enjoyed the festivities of Dia de Los Mertos (the Day of the Dead). We also were able to explore Mexico City with our Montague folding bikes!


Mexico by bike has been an experience! We wanted to explore a very large park in the city which we had seen the day before, but it was too big to go on foot. We unfolded our bikes and headed in the direction of the park. The road seemed quite dangerous, as the cars are not very used to bikes. However, we arrived without any problem. We biked for a few hours and were able to visit everything the park had to offer: fountains, a castle, forest, lakes… it was a huge park!



This has been our experience until the moment! Hope you liked it and we will continue to keep you updated!  Alex & Mireia




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