Guest post! Mireia and Alex with an update from their journey across the Americas:

Dear Montague followers!

After leaving Boston with our Montague bikes, we took the highway North to Niagara falls. We decided to stop at a campsite near Niagara so we could go there by bike and reduce costs, get some exercise, and ultimately save time. Early in the morning we took to our bikes and rode to the Falls. No doubt it was a good idea, as we didn’t have to deal with any parking issues, or crossing the bridge to Canada, which by car can be a few hours wait. It took us only 5 minutes to cross! But, be sure to stop at the border and check in! Someone (*cough*…Alex) rode right by and we were almost arrested and made to pay a fine of $1000!



small niagara

We really enjoyed the views and we’re able to travel all around the falls by bike without any problem!


The second stop with our bikes was Lake Erie, which is one of the 5 Great Lakes. They really surprised us with their size and beauty. We made camp nearby and stayed there to enjoy nature, and of course… the beach which was just 5 minutes by bike!




After enjoying Lake Erie, our last stop before moving on was Chicago. We parked our car near the highway and again took our bikes through the city. As we didn’t have a lot of time, having two Montague bikes allowed us to see the city in a much more efficient way! We spent the whole day taking in the good weather, beautiful parks and stunning architecture Chicago has to offer (the buildings there are quite impressive). The city itself is beautiful, but it also has beaches along Lake Michigan, another of the Great Lakes. With our bikes we rode the length of the beach from north to south, and were able to view the city from many different angles.







Leaving Chicago we began our journey on the historic Route 66. Who knows what adventures it will bring next, but we will keep you posted!



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