There is a Spanish man named Alvaro Neil, who is better known to most as The Biciclown. He was born into life as a clown, a life of making people smile and laugh. But years ago, as most of us do, he pursued a “normal job”. He studied law, worked a stable job in a notary’s office, and had a fairly predictable life.

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All of that changed one day, when he decided to follow his dream. A long time cyclist, he decided to combine his love of riding with his affinity for making people laugh. Most of us would think there was an event, a turning point that caused someone like Alvaro to leave the life he knows and embark on a bicycle tour of the world. The only explanation he can offer, is that “the cemetery is full of dreamers ” and he wished not to join them.

In 2004, Alvaro initiated a project called “Miles Of Smiles Around the World” (MOSAW), which mixes the adventure of bicycle touring with the art of being a clown. He performs free clown shows all around the globe to bring a smile to the world’s humblest people. The Biciclown performs for those living in refugee camps, prisons, hospitals and far-flung villages. Laughter has the power to transcend language barriers, and cultural differences, and connect all of us.

Right now Alvaro is in Mexico. He’s been on the road for 3,168 days, ridden more than 75,190 miles, visited 68 countries, and performed 59 clown shows. He expects to finish his journey in 2017, and has vowed not to go home until this epic, ’round the world bicycle tour is completed.

The goal of Biciclown is a trip without oil/gas. A human powered tour around the world carrying the best thing possible, a huge smile and a respect toward freedom.


On his official website, you will find everything from the books he’s written over the years, to all the countries he’s visited, and even a collection of easy to make recipes dedicated to hungry cyclists. Recipes from every corner of the earth. Cultural staples like Solar Rice from Kenya, and a Gabonese specialty called Solidarity Salad.

Biciclown ending show- fin-

Alvaro wants to die with the wallet empty and a heart full of beautiful landscapes and smiles.  And he will definitely succeed.

And as he states “Taking a year off and travelling around the world should be mandatory to everybody, and if it’s possible to do it on a bike, much better”. You may not take the same route, but take some inspiration from Alvaro the Biciclown. Get on your bike, enjoy the little things, laugh, smile, and have a nice ride!


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