A special treat for you today: a guest post by our friends at NYCeWheels!

Hi Montague,

We here at NYCeWheels just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for providing us with such awesome bikes to sell for these last several years. In the world of quality folding bikes, full-sized wheels are something of a rarity, but your designs always impress our customers. In our experience, the Crosstown and the Paratrooper are far and away the most popular Montague bikes we carry, and it’s not hard to see why!

Paratrooper folding bikeAs far as the Paratrooper is concerned, I think our customers first become fascinated with the unique frame design and military aesthetic. In fact, many would not even know that the Paratrooper folds, if it weren’t for us pointing this out to them. They become enamored of its heavy-duty frame and trail-ready suspension, and never cease to be amazed when we show them how easy it is to fold in half. You can practically see the scenes running through their mind: driving into the wilderness with their collapsed Paratrooper in the trunk, unfolding it at the trailhead, and bombing down single track all day. Still others simply love the look and feel of the bike, and end up buying a Paratrooper for purely aesthetic reasons.

The Crosstown is also undeniably popular. As one of the most affordable bikes in the shop, customers who are on a budget gravitate readily towards it for financial reasons, but are surprised to find out how well this bike rides. For many, the Octagon adjustable stem seals the deal. The handlebars can be set high enough for a cruiser-like upright feel, which can be difficult to find among compact folding bikes, or set to the exact right height to match the needs of any rider. For the same reason, the Crosstown often ends up going home with families who intend share their new bike, and need something that will be able to fit a variety of different bodies.

BionX-enabled electric Montague CrosstownBoth bikes are extremely versatile. The Crosstown sees a lot of use as a daily commuter, while I have seen Paratroopers get kitted out with full racks and panniers to become the ultimate touring machine. Furthermore, both have proved to be immensely popular electric conversions. The geometry of the frames lends itself nicely to the BionX electric bicycle system, and because of the affordable price tag on both the Crosstown and the Paratrooper, these conversions end up being reasonably priced and powerful options for those who can’t spring for a costly dedicated electric bike.

People always want to see more of these bikes, which is why we made some comprehensive video reviews for each. Here is Peter sporting an extremely classy mustache while showing off the Crosstown:

And for his Paratrooper review, he couldn’t resist donning a bomber jacket to compliment the bike’s war bird aesthetic:

So keep it up, Montague! As a small business in a niche market ourselves, we admire the hard work you’ve put into making such a reliably excellent product. And if the feedback we get from our video reviews of the Crosstown and Paratrooper are anything to go by, our customers agree!

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