Summer always seems to bring a rise in gas prices. With more people traveling and taking long vacations, an increased demand means a further gouge in your wallet. This summer is no exception, with economists from many sources (CNN Money, USA Today) predicting widespread hikes in the coming weeks. Political unrest in Egypt is threatening oil shipments from the Middle East, and we’ve already seen drastic increases in the cost of crude oil, and gas futures. It’s only a matter of time before those prices are reflected on the retail level.


There’s not much you can do about the price of gas but sit back and hope for the best, but you can certainly use less of it. Oil is a finite resource, and in the coming years, we will be forced to move away from our dependence on it. I’m quite excited about the possibilities that lie in renewable energy, but with so much research and development to be done, and (unfortunately) limited funding, a major shift in our energy dependence is still years away. If you want to decrease your personal gas consumption, nothing is more effective than not driving your car. And luckily you can still get around… by bike!

olloridingcommute1Maybe you haven’t had the motivation to commute by bike before, or maybe you’re more of a recreational cyclist, enjoying your bike in leisure time. Either way, now is the time to start commuting by bike. The higher gas prices go, the more money you save with every pedal stroke. And while avoiding the pump may be the main motivation for many, I guarantee riding your bike will make you feel a lot better, too. Regular exercise does wonders for relieving stress and increasing energy. You’ll be helping yourself, helping the environment, and most noticeably, helping your wallet.  And I’d rather be on a bike than sitting in a car in traffic any day.

But wait, what if you have a long commute? Not everyone lives close enough to work to make for a nice easy bike commute. Fear not, because a Montague folding bike gives you the option to Park and Pedal. A full size bike that can fold for the car trunk allows you to drive part way, park your car, and pedal the rest of the way to work. For many commuting to an urban area, those last few miles are the slowest, sitting in city gridlock. Parking the car and hopping on a bike can mean breezing past those lines of traffic, and of course, keeping the wallet fat, and the gas tank full.


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