Do you ever listen to music on your phone while cycling? How often do you use your mobile to track a ride via GPS, to gather speed and elevation data? (I know you Strava addicts are out there). Have you ever been on a bike tour enjoying the nature and fresh air, while worried about your smartphone battery? Siva Cycle is working on an innovative new product, the Atom, which they hope will eliminate the cyclists need to ever worry about battery life.


The Atom is an external battery that takes advantage of the movement of your bike’s rear wheel to recharge. The concept is similar to a dynamo hub (a design which has been used to power bike lights for years), but appears to be even simpler. It is adaptable to any bike (even Montague folding bikes) and features a waterproof design. You can charge any USB device while riding, and also remove the Atom’s battery pack for a portable charge.

Bicycles are green, and you can go even greener and help the environment by pedaling to create your own energy. The Atom will be available in November 2013, for $99. Siva is now accepting pre-orders here.

Siva Cycle Atom


The Atom is not only a gadget for cyclists to stay connected wherever they go, but it’s another small step in support of renewable energy technologies, a necessity as our world moves toward a greener future.


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