You’ve probably seen the portable Go Pro cameras on the market. They’re very easy to mount on a helmet or handlebars to capture riding footage, but we wanted a perspective that would show the bike as well. For this we put together a homemade bracket to mount our Go Pro on the rear axle. The camera clips into a few different bases, so we started with one that’s simply flat on the bottom and has a sticky adhesive. For our bracket, we took a piece of steel about 11 inches long, drilled a hole on one end for the axle to pass through, and screwed the flat base to the other end.


The Go Pro clip slides into one side of the base, so we kept the screw off to the other side, out of the way. The adhesive on the base also helped hold it in place. You could use aluminum for a lighter weight option, but you want it to be rigid or you’ll end up with shaky footage.

Then we just clipped the camera into its bracket:


To mount it on the bike, we used an extra long quick release skewer. We drilled the whole large enough that it also works with a bolt on axle. Our bracket should fit on anything from our folding bikes, to your old 10-speed.


We had it angled back to get as much of the bike in the shot as possible:


The resulting video footage is just what we wanted. A unique perspective of the ride that shows the surrounding landscape, and the bike you’re on. Check out the videos below to see:


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