A vehicle you may have never seen before; part bicycle, part boat, and all human powered.


One ambitious man from the Netherlands is taking this vehicle around the world, circling the equator by land and by sea, all under his own power. Ebrahim Hemmatnia started his journey in the Netherlands on April 20th. He started by crossing the English channel, landing in Lowestoft, England. As you may have guessed, he did not take the Ferry.


Ebrahim has continued his journey by cycling that same sea-worthy vehicle across England. From there he plans to head South and circle the Equator on an 800 day journey that will take him a total of 50,000 kilometers; 35,000 by sea, and 15,000 by land. Aside from the incredible adventure, Ebrahim hopes to raise awareness for his vision of a World With No Borders with this trip. You can find out a lot more on his website: www.bootfiets.nl and even track his progress live!

A trip like this might not be for everyone, but if you want to get out and see some of the world by bike, a folding bike might be the perfect companion. It would be a bit easier to travel with than a bootfiets the size of a car ;). And you would still get to see the countryside while pedaling under your own power.

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