Springtime has solidly established itself. It’s not going anywhere. The weather is beautiful, and if winter riding wasn’t for you, now is the time to get back in the saddle. Good news, you have some extra motivation. May is National Bike Month, and this week (May 13-17) is the official Bike to Work Week.


Sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists, Bike Month is a way to celebrate the many ways bicycles improve our lives, our communities, and the world around us. If you’ve never commuted by bike, now is an excellent time to start. There are events happening in cities all across the US where you can meet up with fellow bike commuters, get advice, tune ups, and involve yourself with the local bike community. Everything from group rides, and commuting challenges, to bike commuter breakfasts. You can easily find events near you at www.bikeleague.org.

BWW Breakfast

Broadway Bicycle School Annual Pancake Breakfast – Cambridge MA

There are a lot of reasons to start biking: fitness, health benefits, saving money (the average annual cost of owning a car in the US is more than $8,000, compared to just $308 for a bicycle), the environmental impact, the fact that it’s A LOT of fun! This Friday, the 17th is even designated more specifically as Bike to Work Day, so at the very least, get out and ride on Friday. I can almost guarantee it won’t be the last time you do it. If you have a particularly long commute, one you never thought could be possible by bike, a Montague folding bike might be the solution. Keep it folded in your trunk, drive part way, and ride the rest. We like to call it Park & Pedal commuting. And if you’re coming in a metropolitan area in rush hour, parking the car and getting on a bike for those last miles usually means bypassing all that traffic you would have been sitting in! Take a look at the full line of Montague folding bikes at www.montaguebikes.com/folding-bike.


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