We recently went out to do some filming for a video featuring the Montague Swissbike X90. The beautiful weather meant we were able to hit the local trails to capture some great mountain biking shots. Dave, Marta, and Iñigo started the shoot at Lynn Woods Reservation. In addition to our main camera, we had a GoPro on a custom bracket that we connected to the bike’s rear axle. The portable camera provides amazing quality for it’s size, and our set up offers a very unique perspective.


With it’s high end component set, the X90 is no ordinary folding bike, nor is it an ordinary mountain bike for that matter. This bike means business. Equipped with a RockShox Sektor suspension fork, SRAM X-0 drivetrain, and Avid Juicy 7 hydraulic disc brakes, the X90 is made to handle the toughest terrain you can throw at it, and still fold for the trunk.


The second filming location was the Charles River Reservation. This time Dreena came along to ride the Paratrooper Pro alongside Iñigo on his X90. She’s also the one who did all the editing for the video, so you can thank her for the visual masterpiece you’re about to experience.


The sun allowed us some great lighting for the shoot and we were all very happy with how the project turned out. We got so much great footage it was difficult to choose what clips to use and which ones to leave out. That’s certainly the sign of a successful shoot! Check out the video below to see the final product and some additional pictures from our adventure:






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