It’s no secret that Montague folding bikes are great to travel with. And when your occupation has you traveling constantly, a Montague bike can make a great companion on the road. When that occupation is touring with one of the greatest British rock bands of all time, you’ll find yourself in a new city every night. Recently, our friends with a little band called The Who, gave us a call and said they’d be coming through Boston. Terry their Merch Manager has been touring with a Montague bike by his side for years, but this time, keyboard player and backing vocalist, Loren Gold wanted to get his hands on a Montague. Loren has been the keyboard player for Roger Daltrey since 2009, and joined The Who for their 35 stop Quadrophenia tour.


Having a bike on tour offers transportation in each new city, allows you to tour the sites and experience the area by bike, and gives you a way to workout without being stuck in the hotel gym. We brought by a Montague FIT for Loren, which will accompany him on The Who’s European tour this summer:


Terry and Loren were both nice enough to show us around and hook us up with tickets to the show. It was one that will not be forgotten. Roger Daltrey’s voice sounded as sweet as it did 40 years ago, and Pete Townshend has not lost a step (although he didn’t smash any guitars this time around). Loren added lush textures and vocal harmonies, and Terry managed the merch like no other. In all seriousness, when you go see a band decades after their heyday,  you worry they might not “have it” anymore, but The Who absolutely killed it. They were tight, they were energetic, and they played the classics to perfection like they wrote them yesterday. 

photo 14

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If you travel for work or even for pleasure, a Montague bike is the perfect thing to bring along. Arriving in a new city, there’s nothing I’d rather have than a bicycle. Check out our full line of folding bikes at

To Terry and Loren: Thanks again and good luck on the European tour this summer!

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