What happens when you take hundreds of enthusiastic cyclists, put them together on Halloween and let them loose on the streets? The Halloween Bike Ride is what happens!

Halloween Ride Panorama by Lee Toma

Halloween Ride Panorama [by Lee Toma]

Hundreds of costumed cyclists gathered in Jamaica Plain on Halloween and rode out. Inventive cyclists with mobile speaker systems on bike trailers DJ-ed the ride. Boston’s famed pair of bike drummers rode too, their beats resounding in the night air.

Halloween Bike Ride

in the crowd

Our journey took us through Jamaica Plain, Boston, Cambridge, Brookline and back. There were lobsters, Jedis, The Little Prince, a Stormtrooper or two, Moby Dick, the Queen of Hearts, Animal from the Muppets, astronauts, comic book super heroes, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… the list could go on and on. People stood on the sidewalk and cheered. Some simply stopped to gawk. Drivers honked their horns and shouted in support.

Riding the Montague Boston Custom

Folding Bike for Halloween

The weather cooperated as well! This was one more thing to add to the list of reasons why cycling is so much fun. Bikes are good for just about every occasion, and you will never find more enjoyable or supportive people to ride with.

Folding bike goes on the Halloween ride

[photo taken while riding! Don’t try this at home…]

 Beautiful Photos of the event by Bike Milton’s Lee Toma here.

Our Flickr album.

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