Last week I shared my experience with switching to clipless pedals. I’m still thoroughly enjoying that extra connection to the bike, the added control and efficiency. If you recall, I had chosen a pedal, the Crank Brothers Egg Beater, which uses a very minimal design. There’s really no pedal body, no platform for your foot, so you need to be clipped in to use the pedal. You can’t just jump on with a sneaker for a quick trip to the corner store. But, I did say that there were other options out there…

For those of you looking to go clipless but keep your footwear options open, there are combination platform/clipless pedals. They have the same mechanism to engage the cleat on the bottom of your cycling shoe, but they also have a platform that allows you to utilize the pedal with any shoe. They’re perfect for a bike with multiple uses; you can clip in for the long commute or training ride and still pick up that gallon of milk in sneakers (or slippers if you’re really lazy about changing your shoes…). Here are a few options:

Shimano M424: These pedals use Shimano’s SPD system which is by far the most popular system on the market. They can be engaged from either side, and a large pedal body gives you a solid platform to stand on.

Crank Brothers Mallet: The Mallet uses the same Crank Bros interface as my Egg Beaters. It’s basically the same pedal with an added polycarbonate or aluminum body (depending how much you want to shell out). They also engage from either side, AND they come in some really cool colors.

Shimano M324: Another Shimano pedal here and a popular option. One side is the mechanism to engage your SPD cleat, the other side is a traditional metal cage pedal. They’re weighted to hang with the SPD side up, so when you’re riding in normal shoes, you do have to flip the pedal over. It’s slightly less convenient, but after a few times it will be second nature, and it does offer the feeling of a familiar pedal design.

MKS EZY MM-Cube and EZY AR-2: If you’re not crazy about any of these designs, here is one more interesting option. MKS makes a line of pedals that are quick release. Yes, you read correctly, quick release pedals. Once they’re threaded into the crank arms, you just pull back the sleeve on the spindle and the pedal body disconnects. And guess what, they make clipless and platform pedals that both use their patented EZY disconnect. You can easily switch between pedals in seconds. These would be great for riding clipless on a Montague folding bike. We offer folding platform pedals, but not clipless. With a pair of MKS MM-Cubes you could also pop them off to make your folded bike that much narrower.

Do you have a different pedal you prefer for this double duty? If so, click in that box down there and press on those keys in front you. Through some unknown form of magic, we’ll get to read your message.

I think I have on more post about clipless in me and it involves shoes… stylish ones. Keep an eye out.

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