How many bike commuters in your state

[click for interactive: via Distilled Creative]

Has your state gotten on the bandwagon? Or perhaps better worded as bike-wagon?

As our part of the east coast starts to pick up the pieces left by Hurricane Sandy, we have found the thoughts of sunny days returning and beautiful bike rides to be a sustaining source of optimism. The above link goes to an interactive site that let’s you see how your state measures up in terms of percent of commuters who ride bikes; how many are ladies and men; how much money per capita your state spends on bike and pedestrian projects, and where all that falls in relation to the rest of the nation. And the bike commuting numbers are going up! Now that’s a hopeful sight.

If want to start talking to your city about this great cycle track you saw on a weekend trip, see how that state is doing to add fuel to your message. Want to start bike commuting and think you’re alone? Watch the graphs as you look at states across the nation, bike commuting is coming up. Wondering if encouraging this makes sense for your business? Check out the numbers.

Once the flood water recede and it’s safe again, we hope you’ll be out on your bikes. Well wishes from us all here at Montague Bikes.


[Data is from: Alliance for Biking and Walking report]

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