It’s been mentioned on Urban Velo and Bike Rumor. Bicycle Retailer covered it at InterBike. We announced it for the first time at Eurobike. What can it be?

Folding Framesets.

Now if you are of the inclination, interest, or skill-set to build up your own folding bike – or, want to work with a shop to spec one out – starting in 2013 folding frames will be available for just that purpose. This is a new direction and we’re very excited! To start things off we’re making frames for mountain, road, and with track drop-outs available.

Want the details? It’s still up and coming so details may change, but check out our folding frames for 2013!

Boston Custom folding frameset

This may be just about the first time ever it has been possible to completely customize a folding bike without proprietary parts. The frames are spec’ed for industry standard so just about anything on the market is an option. You can build the performance bike (that happens to fold), any way you want. If you can dream it, you can build it.

I built this to test it out. Rides like a dream.

Customized folding fixed gear

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