A new Montague owner in Maine sent in this recent trip taken with their new Paratroopers! 

Montague Paratrooper Maine folding bike adventure

“My husband and I live on a remote island off the coast of Maine and like to explore the coast in our small lobster boat. We saw a description of the Montague bikes in an issue of  BoatU.S. and thought a folding bike would be perfect to bring on the boat for exploring coastal towns. We also have plans for international travel and felt a folding bike would be a great travel accessory.  After consulting with Montague customer service, we settled upon two Montague Paratroopers. These were the perfect bikes for our maiden trip in September 2012.

Acadia Maine trek on a Montague Paratrooper

“We drove to a spot just outside Acadia National Park along the Down East coast of Maine and started a five-day biking loop which took us 125 miles along the coast. We traveled along busy Route 1, several rural back roads, and off-road trails, including the Down East Sunrise Trail. The Sunrise Trail is part of a rails-to-trails effort converting unused railroad grades to off-road trails for hiking, biking and all-terrain vehicles. About half of our trip utilized the Sunrise Trail and the Paratroopers made the transition from paved roads to packed dirt and loose gravel trails with ease.

Folding bike adventure in Maine

“One of the goals for this first trip with our Paratroopers was to test our touring gear. We were very pleased with the ease of use and roominess of our chosen rear panniers (AXIOM Cartier DLX Rear Panniers) and our handlebar bag (Topeak TourGuide Handlebar Bag). These were firmly mounted on the Paratroopers and were removed easily when we stopped for the day or folded the bikes. We also mounted a heavy-duty weatherproof iPhone holder, which worked extremely well for both of us (you can see our review on Amazon.com). We were able to track our route on the mounted iPhones and receive calls and listen to music through bluetooth headsets. We also recommend Mountain Mirrycle mirrors, which worked well on these bikes.

“Now that we have road tested the bikes and our equipment, we are ready for more adventures with our Paratroopers. I may post more as we try the bikes on different terrains and experiment with more gear.”


It sounds like a great trip!  Many thanks for sending it in!  We always look forward to hearing the journeys and adventures of Montague owners!  Where have you taken your folding bike?


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