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On the Radio

Next week Montague Bikes will be on the radio. To be specific we’ll be guests on The Extreme Truckers Show, along with Siphiwe Baleka, Driver Fitness Coach for Prime, Inc and founder of Fitness Trucking. Mr. Baleka has been at the vanguard of changing the way the trucking industry looks at driver health. In teaming up with Prime, Inc. as Driver Fitness Coach he has, along with Prime founder Robert Low this year’s Chairman of the Truckload Carriers Association, made a clarion call to an industry in need of a great change for the health of all.

These gentlemen are working to create a culture of fitness in an industry that has not known much. Where do folding bikes come in? When you make your living hauling goods, space comes at a prime – a folding bike meets the storage needs of a long haul trucker, especially when looking for a way to work out when on the go. Montague Bikes, being full-size and folding provide this on-board gym opportunity – especially when so many drivers are struggling with their weight. Montague Bikes and Prime, Inc have partnered in an effort to help make this goal a reality. (More on this here.)

And this is what we’ll be taking about on the radio next Thursday night, along with other guests from the trucking industry.

Ever since this partnership ran in the Truckers Newspaper I’ve had a chance to talk to a lot of drivers directly on the phone as well as online. Many of them have been inspired by this idea and encouraged by the idea of a bike that meets the needs of a trucker and can also serve someone who may have had their bicycle options severely limited due to weight limitations.

Making the Impossible Possible

There is a man who has made cycling the way to change his life – and while he may not be a trucker, he is living proof that when guts, determination, ingenuity and teamwork come together, anything is possible. Ernest Gagnon, a software engineer took on the challenge of changing his life. He confronted diabetes and the possibility of losing feeling in his limbs. He confronted angina. He confronted stigma in an industry that did not know what to do with him. And he’s winning over it all.

Ernest Gagnon finds health through cycling

[image credit: Ernest Gagnon, via]

By cycling he has managed to come from over 500 pounds down to 240. And he has just completed his first cyclocross race.

He found supportive people who helped get him though the tough beginnings. He has become the actual proof of what is possible with a great dose of bicycles and courage.

This is the kind of situation we’re working toward in the trucking industry.

Tune in next Thursday night – October 18th, 10:30pm EST to BlogTalkRadio. This may be directed at trucking but it’s the kind of change so many people seem to looking for.


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