Here at Montague HQ the intense temperatures of high summer have become a bit friendlier for cycling adventures.  Montague Bikes is at Eurobike this week, but closer to home we’ve been taking full advantage of what folding bikes can do.

Folding Bike for RV travel

Folding up and into an RV, this Crosstown is ready to take on the world.  Saving space on a road trip can make a big difference in the quality of the vacation experience.  When you can fold up your bike for compact travel there is no question as to whether there is enough space for bikes to come along on this vacation.  More options on the go really brings a dynamic quality to summer adventures.  Once the RV is stationed, there are no more parking worries, and the only limit is how far you can pedal.

Folding bikes for RV summer adventures

With Labor Day weekend close at hand, don’t forget to bring your folding bike along so you never miss out on adventure.

Or, closer to home, taking advantage of all of the cycling infrastructure that has been provided in the Boston area over the past year.  This custom build Boston is the vehicle for exploring the urban landscape.

 Montague folding bike fixed gear

Wherever your summer adventures have taken you – or will take you – from saving space on a road trip to exploring the little-known corners of your own city – Montague folding bikes provide the versatility for any journey.  Where have you ventured?

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