We’ve been focusing on urban cycling recently, but what happens when you travel?  When you live just a bit further than is comfortable to ride from, for whatever reason: time, distance, infrastructure limitations.

The image above comes from the current exhibit as the BSA Space, called “Let’s Talk About Bikes”, curated by over, under, which is on view until August 31st.  The exhibit’s focus is of course, all things bicycle, but also the changing face of our cities, extended metropolitan areas, and the transit systems that support them.  Montague’s Park and Pedal is another facet of this dynamic  evolution.  The idea of Park and Pedal is Montague’s way of taking transit to the next step in versatility.

In short, drive or ride public transit part of the way, pedal part of the way.  Bypass the limitations of one set form of transit, embrace versatility to get there faster, and perhaps become a little lighter on the way.

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