With the influx of cycling and new cyclists in our city and around the world, there are sadly more accidents -and bound to be more – as drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians alike acclimate to the new street dynamic.  Our emergency services must adjust as well; from police enforcement, to ambulances.  And in the aftermath of accidents, our legal system and insurance.

Many who ride a bike, all around our nation and our neighborhoods, whether they be new or old – do not know the rules of road, the rights and responsibilities, and what to do if the unspeakable should occur.  Different replies to this need are all around us:

On Camera

Many cyclists have taken to on-board cameras, usually mounted on the helmet, to document their commutes.  Whilst this footage is usually mundane, or at best entertaining, it can provide key footage in the event of an accident.  If a cyclist is knocked unconscious and unaware of what transpired in the course of an accident, the camera can save the day.

Bike Safe

To help protect fellow cyclists different initiatives have sprung up locally and nationally.  Local cyclist and attorney Josh Zisson of Bike Safe Boston, has devoted his entire legal practice to bicyclists.  He has designed a bicycle accident report, derived from auto accident reports available at police stations, but meeting the specific needs and legal support for a cyclist.  MassBike offers information and support for bicyclists in regards to safety, educating road users about the law, and even offers classes. America Bikes is a national coalition that supports cyclists, primarily through advocacy and lobbying.

When Band-aids are Not Enough

We never expect to be in an accident, so it pays to prepare.  Becoming familiar with our rights and responsibilities as cyclists on the road, whether we’re new or seasoned pros is always a good investment.  We may be able to help another person, or at the least help keep our friends and families at ease.

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