bike to London

[image credit to BBC News]

The BBC recently reported on a gentleman who rode his bicycle from China to England for the Olympics.  Beginning in May 2012, Chen Guangming left Erchen, Jiangsu province on a journey that would take him more than 85,000 miles to London.  Traveling on his gearless rickshaw, with several setbacks and trackbacks when visas could not be attained for nations along the way, Mr. Chen supported his trip through couriering items as well as donations.  He arrived in London prior to the opening ceremony.

Such a feat is almost unbelievable; and so he carries with him a book of newspaper articles, photographs, and letters attesting to the truth of his journey.  In 2008 he rode from Erchen to Beijing, a journey of more than 50,000 miles – to support peace and environmental protection.  As a result he was given a seat at the closing ceremonies.

Bicycles may not be the first thing that comes to mind for long distance travel, but with solid determination it may just be that anything is possible.


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