Boston bicycle adventures…

Adventures in the night:  urban cycling is not restricted to the rising and setting of the sun.  The city lights, especially in a place like Boston, which is a city that does sleep, provide illumination for all manner of adventures.

folding bikes go to the movies

Last weekend, the bicycle courier action film, Premium Rush, opened around the nation.  The Boston based custom build operation, Geekhouse Bikes, had been commissioned to build a bike for the film.  So Geekhouse, Superb Bicycle, and the Boston Bike Messenger Association gathered together many a Boston cyclist, primarily fixed gear enthusiasts, but no stigma for those with gears, for a bicycle extravaganza.

Folding Anecdotes

Recently here at Montague HQ I’ve been working on building up a Boston with custom chosen components.  I finished building up my folding fixie in time for the show and took it down for the ride.

folding fixie

Many an anecdote could be told of several hundred cyclists going to the movies, but the one you won’t find anywhere else:

Standing in a group of over a hundred cyclists in the square where the Boston couriers pass their downtime I arrive- having worked on the bicycle up until the last moment.  I had been talking about the bicycle I am building up as I have gone through choosing the frame and components, and the build itself.  At last it is done, and these supportive people are as excited as I am.  I am greeted to several tens of people yelling: “Fold it! Fold it! Fold it!”. And so I folded.  Thusly the folding fixed gear has made its entrance onto the streets of Boston.

Many thanks to Geekhouse, Superb, and the BBMA for such a great event!

P.S. There is one piece yet to be installed, the custom head badge, but that is another story.  I’ll be sharing more about the build process itself in another post, for there are many to thank.

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