on the stand custom build

On the stand

What are the necessary parts on a bike anyway?  It all depends upon your build philosophy.

From a Minimalist Perspective

First one needs a frame.  A bicycle requires wheels to roll upon (included therein: tires, spokes, hubs,  and all that lay beneath these).  It needs a seat post and saddle to sit upon.  Handlebars to steer.  A drive system, which at the least includes a cog, lock ring, chain, chain ring… a means to make it move; cranks and pedals.  (Things beneath the surface and on it: front fork, head set, bottom bracket, and so many other parts inherent in these).

That’s about as basic as it gets and that’s not even a complete listing…

Queen of Hearts fixie

Red and White Custom fixed gear: The Queen of Hearts

A Different View

Custom building and a fixed gear setup are a fresh take on our folding bikes.  The Boston was born to be either fixed or single speed, as it has track dropouts, but this one is one of a kind.

We’ve nicknamed this one “The Queen of Hearts”, after the character from Alice in Wonderland; not just because of the red and white features but also as a hat tip to the novel.  When Alice went down the rabbit-hole everything changed about her reality.  What you can come to expect from a folding bike is changing drastically.  We’re happy to showcase yet another great way a Montague bike can go beyond the ordinary for a folding bike, beyond expectations.

When you build up your own bike, anything is possible.