In between all of this CX build business I end up coming upon things that work marvelously for a commuter build.  One of these is the do-it-yourself classy charmer, the wine cork fender spacer.  Fenders come in many forms, from easily removed race blades to long-term commitment full coverage models.

Cork Fender Spacers

In choosing just the right wheelset and just the right fenders, sometimes things don’t line up perfectly.  Sometimes the place to mount the fender is too far away and needs a little help.  Sometimes the fender cannot maintain it’s line without support.  Fear not good commuters, the solution presents itself!  Cork fender spacers.  These can be cut and carved to suit the curve of the fender to support and maintain the fender line.  And you can choose any vintage you’d like.  And, of course – they’re light, so no worrying about extra weight to haul about.

Images: Who made these beautiful things?
Top Blue: Ben Salzberg on Flickr
Bottom Red:
Bottom Green: Somervillebikes on Flickr
Right Green: Todd Kimball on Flickr

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