When I’m out riding my Montague, the bike sometimes attracts a little bit of attention.  People want to know about the double top tube, see how the bike folds, and how the quick release levers work.  But a lot of the time, no one really notices.

If you want a bike that really attracts attention though, check out these:

A head first time trial bike? Yikes!

This looks a little bit like the sport of skeleton, which you see in the winter Olympics – like head first luge. I’m not sure how aerodynamic this actually is – I just hope that this guy makes it out OK…

I’m not really sure WHAT this woman is doing, or why she is harnessed to the top of the cage – anyone have any ideas here?

Big Wheel Recumbent

Recumbent bicycles are not such a strange sight, but this one gave me pause – is that front wheel larger than the rear wheel? How stable can that really be?

Strange Rides?

What’s the most unusual bike you’ve ever seen? What’s the funniest/weirdest comment you’ve ever gotten about your Montague bike?

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