BSA Space Show

BSA Space Exhibition

In the shiny and snazzy neighborhood aptly named the Innovation District (well, actually just by the bridge over to it) stands a regal building home to the Boston Society of Architects’ exhibition space, (or BSA as it’s usually called), the BSA Space.  Within said space there was (and continues to be until August 31st) a most innovative show…

Let’s Talk About Bikes…


Lets Talk About Bikes logo

An excerpt from the show curators:

“Bicycles are everywhere. The last two years have seen the rollout of a comprehensive bike-sharing program in Boston, along with enormous growth in bike infrastructure and ridership—developments that mirror trends in cities across the globe. BSA Space examines these changes in the urban realm with Let’s Talk About Bikes.

“The exhibition investigates themes of production, use and impact. The region’s expanding collection of bicycle fabricators ranges from one-person frame shops to internationally recognized custom manufacturers. Admire the craft, beauty and innovation of bikes by Firefly Bicycles, Parlee Cycles, Royal H Cycles, Saila Bicycles and Seven Cycles. A Hubway bike, Montague’s folding bike and MIT Media Lab’s GreenWheel Electric Bicycle Electric Power Module demonstrate new ways the bike can have an impact on Boston’s transit systems.

“Let’s Talk About Bikes explores the many urban cultures spawned by the bicycle: alternative societies such as SCUL; leisure riders and events like Hub on Wheels; community educational groups such as Cycle Kids; the work cultures of pedicabbies and bicycle messengers; and enthusiasm for cycling demonstrated through clubs, teams and races.

“The expansion of urban biking raises broader transit-related questions about the relationship of bicycles to urban and environmental public policy. The exhibition examines this theme, from the Complete Streets movement to advocacy activism to concerns raised in Boston’s larger community about roadway use. Let’s Talk About Bikespresents many stories and outlooks in order to raise awareness and questions about the role of the bicycle in cities today.[…]”

Montague Bikes at the BSA…

Montague Bikes in the BSA

Montague on display…

Hanging out with the Hubway bike, a folded Navigator looks down to another Montague Bike wearing the Green Wheel.

Exhibit hall

photo by Mark Pasnik via the Facebook event page

The Vernacular – tales from Montague HQ

Biking to Bikes on Bikes with Bikers to see Bikes for a Bike Company

A Tale of No Bike Parking

The show opened yesterday evening at 6pm at the BSA Space.  Two Montagues on the walls, one wearing the MIT Green Wheel – a fitting pair as Montague Bikes were born at MIT.  This is the tale of the Montague crew’s journey.

We set off, on bikes of course, toward the Innovation District (three of us to start, more to join later), and proceeded through Cambridge and into Boston.  A last minute decision took us via the Longfellow Bridge, although the Bridge of Science would have been more fitting.  A slight detour through the South End and part of Fort Point, a redirect and we were at Congress Street and the BSA Space.

There were so many bikes outside the venue, for once there was no bike parking – bicycles locked to one another in piles, to trees, to posts, to chains – anything solid.  This was the place to be!

A great crowd, and hardly room to walk it was so filled with enthusiastic cycling individuals.  Bicycles lined the walls and we managed to find ours…

Crew and the bikes

crew and folding bikes

We are so delighted to have been asked to participate.  A great round of applause to the organizers for such a great event!  And many thanks to all.

View from the top: httpv://

And from the floor: httpv://

The show is up until August 31st – be sure to check it out… We’re going back, that’s for sure.

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