Coffee and Bicycles – Together at last

It might be Bike to Work week, but it’s still hump day. After the exhilaration of Monday and the settling in of Tuesday, you’re now looking at Wednesday – still 3 days to go until the weekend. Even if you’ve been riding to work every morning, there are days where you just can’t skip the morning coffee, and this might be one of them.

But just because you’re riding your bike doesn’t mean you can’t have your morning coffee on the go. And it doesn’t mean riding with one hand on the bars and one hand holding the cup. Thanks in large part to growing numbers of bike commuters, there are now a variety of different cup holder attachments for your handlebars. It’s an easy and safe way to get yourself and your coffee to work, while still being able to grab a sip at the red lights.

A new meaning for coffee bar?

As you can see from these pictures, attaching the cup holder to your bars is similar to mounting a bracket for a light – just a single bolt. If you find it’s still too loose after tightening it down, you can always cut some old tubes to use as a shim. If you don’t have any lying around, just pop in to your local bike shop – chances are they have more used tubes than they know what to do with and will be only too happy to help you out.

Another plus of the handlebar cup holder is that it can fit reusable plastic and metal travel mugs, in addition to the standard paper/styrofoam cups from the coffee shops. This means that both you and your caffeinated beverage can get around with less negative impact on the environment.

So if you’re a coffee drinker and a bike commuter, you should look into a cup holder for your bike. It lets you ride with both hands on the bars, which is important for safety and control, and it means you can ride with your caffeine at hand (although not in hand), so you’ll be good and alert for the morning commute.

Do you have a cup holder on your bike? What are the pros/cons for you? Is it an accessory you’d recommend to other commuters?

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