Free Breakfast? Yes Please!

Well – it might not mean free breakfast, but it’s definitely one of the perks.

Bike to Work Week is about encouraging more people to try bike commuting, and free food is always a good way to get people to turn out, even if the weather isn’t quite as lovely as we have been hoping for (but it’s supposed to be nicer today and into the weekend, in the Boston area at least).

There has been so much going on in the in the bike community here that it’s hard to keep on top of it all.

Tuesday Morning Pancakes

Tuesday, Broadway Bicycle School put on a free pancake breakfast (with coffee) right in their shop.

On my way home, I passed some friendly folks from MassBikes who were giving out free t-shirts, bells, and pant straps (you know – those velcro straps that keep your pants from getting caught in your chain).

Wednesday Morning Pastries

And Wednesday, despite the rainy morning, a good number of bike commuters came out for a breakfast in Harvard Square (it was inside). There were also volunteers on hand doing free tune ups and safety checks, as well as local bike-related organizations handing out bells, t-shirts, red blinkies, and stickers. Truly, a great way to start the morning.

It’s not the end of it either – I don’t know about any free breakfast today, but tomorrow, there’s going to be a big one down at city hall – hope to see you there!! (Just look for the Montague bike…)

Any Special Bike Commuting Events in Your Area?

Is your city doing anything special for bike to work week? Have you attended any Bike Week events? Have the events encouraged you to start commuting? Have you picked up any new commuting tips this week?

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