Traveling by train is easy with a Montague bike that folds

Yesterday was Patriot’s Day in Massachusetts – where just a few miles west of Boston, townspeople (and SCA enthusiasts) re-enacted the historic Battles of Lexington and Concord, widely regarded as the first military engagement of the American Revolution in 1775.

Yesterday was also Marathon Day – where the race was able to go off successfully, despite record  high temperatures.

But before runners took to the course, hundreds of Boston area cyclists headed out to the start line in Hopkinton for a midnight ride (no – not Paul Revere – but imagine if he’d had a bicycle, instead of a horse!). Taking advantage of closed roads, and the fact that it is far easier to ride 26.2 miles than to run, cyclists rode from Hopkinton to the finish in downtown Boston. You can see more details about the ride here.

The MBTA commuter rail, which runs from South Station in Boston to Hopkinton Center ran a couple of extra trains and even added extra cars to accommodate all the cyclists and their bicycles who were heading out for the occasion – imagine how much smoother it would have gone if everyone was on a Montague!

Did you participate in the Midnight Marathon Ride? Have you done one in another city? Did you get out to watch the Marathon yesterday? Or did you run it it?

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