One of the great things about Montague folding bikes is that they can handle all kinds of conditions – even winter weather. Although it’s been a pretty mild winter in New England so far this year, parts of the Midwest have already received their first ice and snow. If you live in an area that has particularly nasty winters and you’ve got a Montague folding mountain bike, just get some studded tires on there, and you’ll be all set to take on the icy road conditions. And, of course, since the bike folds up so easily, there’s no need to leave it locked outside in the snow (or snow bank), where the water and salt will eat away your components.

And if the roads become truly impassible, you can always fold the bike and take it with you on the bus – no need to leave it behind at work.

Folding Bikes are Easy to Store Inside

You can store a Montague folding bike in your basement, but it also fits easily in a closet.

That said, some people decide to forego the studded tires, neoprene booties, and layering, and put their bike away for the winter. But even if you’re not riding this winter, you can still appreciate the convenience offered by Montague folding bikes. It can be difficult to find someplace to store a full-size bicycle for the winter – and many of those options leave the bike vulnerable to the weather and theft (e.g. apartment balcony or shared basement). But with a Montague, although the bike is full-size, winter storage is no problem at all – it fits easily into even the smallest apartment closet. And if you know you’re going to be off the bike for a few months, you don’t even need to store it conveniently near the door – you can fold it and put it under your bed or behind the couch, out of sight for the entire winter. Once spring rolls around again, just pull the bike out and it’s ready to go. No worries about whether your bike’s been stolen, and you know your components are in good shape.

Where do you Store your Folding Bike?

Do you ride your bike even in the worst winter weather? Where do you store your bicycle? If you’re not planning to ride this winter, where are you keeping your bicycle?

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