This Thursday, September 22, Boston joins 1000 cities in 40 countries worldwide in celebrating World Car Free Day. An initiative of the World Car Free Network, an organization that promotes getting out of the car and onto, or into, alternative forms of transportation, World Car Free Day is a great opportunity to take advantage of group rides in many cities around the world. If you’ve never used a bicycle as your primary (or even secondary) means of transportation, or if it’s been a while since the last time you rode, rides like these are a great introduction to cycling in the city. For many, participating in an event such as this is the first step towards a car free (or car light) way of life.

Reduce your Car Use
with a Montague Folding Bike

If you’re thinking about a bike as your primary form of transportation and are looking for one that is well-suited to city riding, a Montague folding bike is an excellent choice. Because the bike has full size wheels and folds without cutting any structural tubes, you get the same great ride quality that you do from any non-folding bike, but it also folds in under 20 seconds. This means that you have the ultimate flexibility when it comes to transportation. Want to ride your bike? Great! Want to take the bus or train? No problem – just fold the bike and take it with you. Need to carpool or drive? The bike fits right in the trunk – no rack or awkward maneuvering required. If you like to cycle but use other forms of transportation as well, a Montague folding bike is arguably the best bike out there for you.

On the other hand, a Montague folding bike offers people who are primarily drivers a unique transportation option – park and pedal. Because Montague folding bikes fold so easily and quickly, it’s really no big deal to keep one in the trunk of your car to unfold and ride as it suits you. So it’s ok if you need or want to drive; a Montague folding bike still makes it really easy to save money on gas and parking, get some exercise, and do something good for the environment, all in one fell swoop. In Massachusetts, you can find free parking at state-run park and ride lots, and if you’re interested in seeing how much you could save by cycling for even part of your commute, you can check out the Commute Calculator.

A Day? How About a Whole Week?

We here in Massachusetts are so excited about World Car Free Day on Thursday, that we’ve actually extended it to an entire Car Free week – from Sunday September 18 to Saturday September 24.

Photo courtesy of Matt Moritz

And Boston is even celebrating one extra day: Sunday September 25 is the 7th Annual Hub on Wheels, where participants can choose from a 10, 30, or 50 mile ride, which starts and ends at City Hall Plaza in Downtown Boston. Following the ride is the 3rd Annual TD Bank Mayor’s Cup – a high-speed criterium race, packed with tight turns and lots of action around Government Center. This race attracts some of the best male and female racers from all over the country.

How is Your City Celebrating World Car Free Day?

Do you have any plans for World Car Free Day on September 22? Is every day a car free day for you? What makes you want to go car free? What holds you back? Has riding a folding bike made the decision easier? Let us know how you’ll be celebrating!

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