folding bike boxWhat can a box tell you about a bike company? In Montague’s case, the box can tell you a great deal.

What goes into our bike boxes may surprise you. It’s not just a folding bike. Not only do we obsess over the details of the design and ride quality of the bike in the box, but we are just as obsessive about the box we ship our bikes in.

Here’s why:

Box Size

If you’ve purchased a full-size non-folding bike, probably from a showroom floor, you may not realize that the finished product you see on the retail floor is far from what arrives at the bike shop. There is a significant amount of assembly required to prepare other bikes before they are ready for the customer. All Montague folding bikes are shipped in their folded position so that all the customer has to do when they receive it is unfold it, attach the front wheel, attach one pedal and start riding. The result – a smaller box is required compared to non-folding bikes.

Trying to re-pack a full-size bike back into the box it was shipped in is a daunting task reserved for bike mechanics and those up for a challenge. Comparatively, many Montague customers will save and re-use the box for storage or shipping.

The Double Box

Not only do dealers need to assemble full size bikes once they are received in their shop, they also must tune the bike to insure the gears shift smoothly. On Montague bikes we take care of all of this before shipping to the dealer or customer, which is unique feature for our bikes. So, once the bike is unfolded and the front wheel and pedal are attached, you are ready to ride. The tuning is already done.

Because we’ve taken all of these steps for our dealers and customers to make getting up and running as easy as possible, we’ve also taken extraordinary steps to insure that the work we put into getting your new bike just right doesn’t go to waste during the shipping process. As a result we’ve developed what has been called the best bike box in the industry. It’s actually not one box but two. The bike is packed into one box, and then for extra protection that box is placed inside a 2nd box to insure your bike arrives to you fully-tuned and ready to ride.

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