I’ll get to the police escort in a minute, but first some other show highlights.

Interbike 2010 turned out to be a very successful trade show for Montague Bikes.  Simliar to Eurobike, we received an outstanding reception to our new bikes from both dealers and the press. You can expect to see new dealers begin carrying Montague bikes along with plenty of press coverage (we’ve already seen BikePortland.org, SingleTracks.com, DirtRag Magazine and were included in the “Show Daily” magazine published by Bicycle Retailer).

Even though the show only runs for three days, the Montague crew arrived two days early to set up our booth. That meant some long days but it was rewarded by being able to meet some great people and talk folding bikes.  In addition to the great conversations here are a few other highlights (including the police escort story).

Folding Bike Frolic

One morning before the show at 7am, folding bikes from several manufacturers, including Montague congregated to take a tour of the Las Vegas strip on our folding machines. The ride concluded with a “hill climb” up 5 stories at one of the hotel parking garages. Even on my Boston single speed I was right up there at the front thanks to the full-size wheels!

Admirer at the interbike folding bike frolic

An admirer of the Boston at the folding bike frolic

Interbike TV

On the final morning of the show we were interviewed by Richard Fries of Good Morning Interbike and the Bikes Belong organization. The topic was how folding bikes and e-bikes (sometimes separately, sometimes combined) are entering the mainstream and helping to get more people on bikes. The interview included a folding demonstration using the new Boston 8.

Interbike TV

Dave Criswell being interviewed on Interbike TV

Mobile Social

(Including the police escort!)

If you love cycling and you haven’t experienced a mobile social, I strongly encourage you to find a way to go to one. BikeHugger.com organizes many of them and more information is availalbe on their website. What are they? Just what the name implies, it is a social gathering of people who love bikes and ride together. In the case of the mobile social in Las Vegas, we happened to ride down the Strip at dusk and were lucky enough to get a police escort through the red lights making for a great and relatively safe experience. Pictures of the police escort were captured by BikeHugger.

Larry from RideThisBike.com on the Montague Boston folding bike

Larry from RideThisBike.com on the Montague Boston at the Mobile Social

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