Take Your Montague Folding Bike on Your Next Beach Adventure!

Who needs bike coaches when you have a Montague Folding Bike?

Still, we fully appreciate the extra portability and convenience of the The Bike Coach rail cars that are available on the MBTA Newburyport and Rockport commuter rail lines on weekends and holidays.  These coaches will run through Columbus Day! That’s October 12 in case anyone was wondering (I had to look it up!)

The bike coaches look like regular commuter cars, but some seats have been taken out to accommodate between 10 and 45 bicycles.  The MBTA and the Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad Co. have offered the bike coach on the Rockport branch since 2006 but Newburyport is new this year!  Now, cyclists can get on the train at North Station (or any stop in between) and cycle through the towns of Newbury, Ipswich, and Cape Ann with ease. Train times are as follows:

Outbound trains from Boston leave at 9:30 AM, 10:15 AM, 1:30 AM, and 2:15 AM.

Inbound trains from Newburyport leave at 10:48 Am and 2: 48 PM

Inbound trains from Rockport leave at noon and 5:10 PM

We’re excited to see the cycling community growing in the greater Boston area, and I can’t wait to get out there and explore these little towns! But what do you do if these commuter rail bike coaches are full?!  Most passengers don’t appreciate a large bike sitting in the aisle in their train car, so you have to leave it, all alone, in the baggage compartment.  That doesn’t seem fair, does it?  Luckily, when I take my Montague Folding Bike on the train, I can fold it up and put it in my carrying case and it’s no longer a conspicuous, full-size bike, but an undercover gem of a land vehicle ready to be unfolded upon arrival!  No one will suspect a thing.

So which bike is best for your summer getaway? For long rides and touring, the Montague Fit and Navigator are perfect.   The road tires and front and rear fenders and rear rack of the Navigator make exploring, shopping, and enjoying the scenery so easy and convenient.  Your beach bag fits perfectly on the rear rack, so you never have to worry about the hassle of slinging it over your arm or in a heavy backpack.  The Fit offers a high performance ride and allows for longer, more comfortable rides down the beach or even from the city itself (skip the train ticket-ride for free!) and have an enjoyable ride.

For those of you outside the Boston area, does your city commuter system have any similar programs? Let us know where you go either by car, train, bike, or all three by leaving a comment here or posting photos and comments on our Facebook page!

Looking forward to your stories and Ride Safe!

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