Amsterdam, Europe's Biking Capital

In case you need another excuse to go to Amsterdam, why not take your bike? Montague Bikes wants to continue sharing with you our favorite places to ride, and where better than the biking capital of Europe?! Amsterdam holds this title for many reasons of which other cities (especially in America) should be jealous. From a three-story parking garage explicitly for bikes, bike traffic signals,249 miles of bike lanes, and a whopping 40% of the population traveling by bike, it’s the perfect place for any cyclist.

Bikes in Amsterdam are absolutely the most convenient way to get around. In such a high energy, high traffic city, people really appreciate the portability that a bicycle provides. Most “Amsterdammers” don’t worry about buying top-of-the-line bikes, for the really high quality ones often get stolen. They are interested in one thing: utility. Second hand bike shops bring in a lot of business and are usually conveniently located near train stations. A second hand bike typically runs between 75 and 175 euro, depending on the quality and age of the bike. A new bike usually starts around 200 euro, so buying second hand is definitely worth your while. Walking down the street, you will likely be offered a bike for an extremely low price. These bikes have often been stolen and are being sold on the black market, and buying a stolen bike is a criminal offense. Even the Amsterdam government takes cycling very seriously!

If you are visiting Amsterdam for a short period of time and are not interested in buying a bike, renting is a great option in this city. Tourists are often seen visiting museums, parks, local shops and markets, and the famous windmills and tulip fields on their rented bikes. The local cost per day for renting a bike in Amsterdam is typically around 10 euro, and the city offers tons of local shops where you can rent a bike.

The saying “Do As the Locals Do” absolutely does not apply in the case of native cyclists in Amsterdam. Native cyclists are often seen riding through the streets at night without a bike light, flying through red lights, or making sharp turns without signaling. Be sure to read the tips for safe cycling in Amsterdam before you start your journey!

Amsterdam can be difficult to navigate if it is your first time in the city. This is a great map for cycling around this gorgeous city.

Bike Routes in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a boating city, and all are welcome to make use of its many canals. These have been used for many years by both recreational and commercial boaters. If you’re visiting the city and want to explore the numerous waterways, renting a boat (or even a yacht with a captain and crew) is simple and straightforward.

Montague Bikes makes traveling by bike or boat simple and fun. The portability of a bike that folds makes even international travel a breeze. Our bikes are within the allowed weight for a checked bag for airline travel or fit in the trunk of any sized car. Skip renting a bike in Amsterdam and just take your Montague bike along. Renting a boat is a great opportunity to explore the canals, dock your boat at one of Amsterdam’s convenient locations, and explore the land on your bike!

This video, posted by MichaelBauch, shows some great footage on what it’s like to bike in Amsterdam.

Stay tuned for more great places to ride with Montague Bikes and, as always,

Ride Safe!

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