We at Montague Folding Bikes love to hear from our riders.  I’ve had the pleasure to come across some amazing stories from incredible people and have personally been inspired by their accomplishments in the cycling community.  We’re honored to be able to aid in these ventures and want to encourage all of you to send us your stories about how you use your bike to inspire others.

Jacob Raced in the 2010 XTERRA Red River with his Paratrooper

One such cyclist is Jacob Fisher, an avid XTERRA Triathlete.  He contacted me through Facebook to share his story.  He recently participated in the XTERRA Red River 2010 race on his Montague Paratrooper-his fourth racing season with this bike-and blogged about his experience!  The race consisted of:

Swim: 1 K (2x 500m laps w/ beach run)
Bike: 14 miles (2x 7 mile laps)
Run: 4 miles

The conditions were horrible (thick, muddy clay that sticks to everything, clogged wheels and chains that makes riding nearly impossible), and, in an unfortunate accidental dismount on the first time around the bike trail, Jacob flipped over his handlebars and broke his arm when he pinned it between his body and a rock.  He finished the race and even finished at the “average” speed.  It was a slow race-the leaders averaged only 8 mph-but Jacob showed everyone his perseverance by powering through his broken arm, broken pedal, broken brakes, and finishing the race.

Jacob Fisher’s Montague Paratrooper: Red River 2010

“This is my fourth season on the MONTAGUE Paratrooper—Yes, I’ve been racing on the same exact bike! It has been good to me and I absolutely love this bike. No mechanicals in three seasons, including two Nationals and one World showing…” Jacob wrote in his blog.  He’s a real trooper, beating his bike to shreds, breaking his arm, and FINISHING the race.

“Mile 3.5 is the last bit of the rock gardens. It’s a technical downhill, and breaks are really helpful here. I didn’t have any. I ended up flying down the hill; I missed most of the rocks and boulders, but my good petal grabbed something and stared  my front wheel into a boulder which stopped me immediately. I endo’d. I ended up landing on my left forearm which was pinned between me and a large rock. This is where I broke my arm. Great!!! Only 10.5 miles to go on the bike…” Jacob continued.   “Most of the competitors, including myself, had to carry, push, pull, or drag their bikes through about 90-95% of the course. It was really brutal. The fastest guy on the bike finished the 14 mile bike course in 1 hr 31 min, so he was averaging about 8 mph. I finished the bike course in 3 hrs (with a broken arm!), and 3 hrs was about the average. There were times when I was pushing my bike fast than riding it.”

Jacob Finished the Race on his Paratrooper with a BROKEN ARM!

Visit his blog to find out more about the race (including some brutality to his poor Paratrooper’s pedals and brakes) and to see how he did!

We’re so proud of you, Jacob!! Keep it up and keep updating us with what you’re doing!  You’re an inspiration to us all!

Don’t forget to send us your stories about how you use your bike! (marketing@montaguebikes.com)

Ride Safe,

Montague Corporation

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