We’ve established that Montague Folding Bikes look cool on their own, but why not amp up your look while riding this summer with these great accessories? We’ve compiled a great selection of products from lights for your bike, stylish helmets, and convenient and stylish bags for riding in style this Spring and Summer.

In most areas, having lights and reflectors on your bike is not only convenient-it’s the law. The UNO by Cat-Eye optimizes this necessary feature by serving as an attachable light and portable flashlight. Never be caught without a light again with this great product! “The Uno represents the perfect light for every day around-town commuting or for an emergency light for when you stay late at the café.”

The UNO by Cat Eye

Safety is key while riding, running, swimming, hiking, sailing, or adventuring of any sort. The Wrist ID Sport is comfortable and convenient and could save your life someday. Though we hope you never get in an accident, the Wrist ID provides necessary personal information to medics and officials in the event of an emergency. It looks great, comes in six different colors, and can be laser engraved with any emergency contact and personal information.

Wrist ID Sport: An Important Safety Tool

The Timbuk2 Bag is one of my favorite accessories whether I am riding or not. I stash my laptop in the computer compartment, add my books, wallet, keys, and phone, and am ready for a day at the office or for class. They are so comfortable to wear and are perfect for commuting for work. They come in all different sizes and colors which makes them perfect for anyone! I bought mine on eBay, but the Timbuk2 website is extremely informative and helpful with a Build Your Own Tote feature (on Sale now!)

Timbuk2 Bags are Perfect for Everyone!

Yakkay makes fantastic head wear for the style-conscious cyclist. If you commute to work (or social occassions!) and don’t want to wear a bulky helmet, these guys have the solution. Our favorite style (for the ladies) is the Tokyo helmet. It looks just like my favorite hat from Target that I wear in the winter or whenever it rains. It goes great with anything and it available in multiple colors. Guys, don’t fret! The Cambridge (we love the name!) is great for the stylish men we women pine over. Throw on this cover and a suit or pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt and you’ll be sure to turn some heads.

Tokyo Helmet by Yakkay: For the Stylish Cyclist

Planet Bike was just added into the Gold Level Bicycle Friendly Business by the League of American Bicyclists and offers a wide variety of cycling accessories. Visit their website to check out all of their gear and accessories to optimize your Montague Bike.

Enjoy your safe and stylish ride and, as always,

Ride Safe!

The Montague Corporation

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