*****UPDATE 4/5/2010: For those of you interested, Fiona Coxe will be updating her own blog with her adventures using her new Montague Boston and training for the Pan Mass Challenge.  Please see a picture of the happy winner with her new Montague Boston below. We will be sure to include updates here as well!

Fiona Coxe with her 2010 Boston folding bicycle!

Good Morning, riders! We at Montague Bikes would like to officially congratulate Fiona Coxe on winning the new Montague Folding BOSTON in Zipcar and Montague Folding Bike’s recent contest! Nearly 1500 people submitted their stories of their idea of the coolest Zipcar/bike trip. Fiona plans to use her bike to compete in the Pan Mass Challenge to help raise money and awareness for cancer research and treatment.

We are so excited to see our Montague Folding Bikes put to good use, and, Fiona, we wish you the best of luck! Also, a big congratulations to Jason Kopp who won a $50 driving credit with Zipcar!

Here’s a post from Zipcar’s facebook regarding the contest!
Zipcar® Thanks to all those who entered our contest to win a Montague folding bike. (Almost 1500 submissions!) The winner is: Fiona Coxe, who’s planning to use the bike to train for the Pan Mass Challenge, an annual bike-athon for cancer research and treatment. Way to go, Fiona! Runner up, Jason Kopp, also scored $50 driving credit.

For more information about Zipcar, or to reserve your car today, simply visit their website!

Our Montague Folding Bikes fit conveniently in the trunk of any zip car without losing any of the performance of a non-folding bike. To gear up for Spring riding, rent a Zipcar and pack your Montague Folding Bike to hit the trails or plan a trip-with this fantastic combo, you can always Park and Ride!

Remember to send us your story on how you use your Montague Folding Bikes to make a difference in your community for a chance to be featured in our upcoming newsletter! Send your story to marketing@montaguebikes.com!

Try to stay dry out there today, riders! And, as always,

Ride Safe!

The Montague Corporation

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