Hi All:

What a weekend! Here in New England we got an unexpected early Spring weekend and I definitely took advantage of the amazing weather to go for a nice long bike ride. Went for a fantastic ride on the Cape Cod Rail Trail out to Wellfleet.

I always think of the Ocean when I think of Cape Cod but it’s amazing how many beautiful lakes and ponds there are and you get to see some of them on this ride.

This was a great time to see the Cape at its best, without the summer crowds. The Fit with the Octagon stem made this a very enjoyable ride. I started out with a more aggressive profile to get some miles under my belt and then adjusted the Octagon to allow for a more leisurely ride so I could sit back and enjoy the view. The Octagon also allows my wife to share my bike as she likes to have the bars higher than when I ride.

Of course you don’t need to be in Cape Cod to enjoy Rails-to-Trails ride, just click on the link to check out a trail in your neck of the woods.

Ride Safe,

Montague Bikes and SwissBikes

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