We had an amazing time last night at The Green Mixer (see most recent blog posting for more info!) In front of a packed crowd that was enjoying free food and cocktails at swanky Cafeteria restaurant on Newbury Street we introduced the new Boston and displayed the Swiss Bike XO. Everyone agreed that the BOSTON is the perfect urban assault bike and loved how quickly it folds. You should have seen the faces when we pulled up in front of the restaurant, opened the trunk of our car, and pulled out the folded BOSTON and Swiss Bike XO, unfolded them in 20 seconds, and walked them into the restaurant. Talk about a “WOW!” factor!

Whether you are commuting to work or school, keeping up your New Year’s resolution to get in more exercise, or just looking to go for a fun ride this weekend, this map has what you need!

Hop on the brand new BOSTON the first-ever 700c single-speed folding bike to take on the pavement or leave the roads behind on the Swiss Bike XO to test out the trails along the Charles River this weekend.

Check out the map below for some great information on riding in the Greater Boston Area this Spring.
BosBike Map may8final lores_tcm1-3455

Thanks to Mayor Menin0’s Boston Bikes program, this map of the greater Boston area was released last September as a promotion for The Mayor’s Cup Boston Pro Cycling Race and Festival.

Routes are mapped out according to level of expertise as well as details about each route or trail.  This map is great for rides from the most basic to professional levels and is a great way to start off your Spring riding!

Enjoy this gorgeous weather and, as always,

Ride Safe!

The Montague Corporation

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