Bicycle Retailer and Industry News recently published a fantastic article about the new patent of our wheel release system. Many of you with Montague folding bikes, or even other brands of bicycles (both folding and non-folding), may already be familiar with this system. This wheel release system allows you to quickly and easily remove and replace the front wheel of your bike without any tools.

What sets this system apart from similar features is the innovative technology that allows you to remove and replace the front wheel without having to readjust the cam tension – which can be a challenge. The tension is set by the dealer and then locked into place, meaning that you don’t need to have your bike adjusted as frequently. All you have to do is click the wheel back onto the fork of the bike.

This is a great feature for recreational riders who can easily operate the system and great for cycling enthusiasts because it allows for quick wheel swapping. All of the bicycles in Montague’s new line of foldable bikes incorporate the system.

If you are having problems viewing the entire Bicycle Retailer and Industry News article you can copy and paste this link ( into your web browser.

Ride safe!

The Montague Corporation

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