Ride Your Montague Folding Bike in the Pan Mass Challenge!

The Pan Mass Challenge is an annual event to raise money for Cancer research and treatment. It is the nations first bike-a-thon for charity and boasts a huge success today.

The story behind PMC is inspiring. Billy Star, founder of the PMC, is a beacon of hope to anyone battling cancer. The inspiration to start this amazing annual event came to him while hiking the famous Appalachian Trail shortly after his mother, Better Star (49) died of Melanoma. A quote from the PMC website shows Billy’s determination:
“From this experience, Starr says he understood that those who put in the mental energy, not just the physical energy, follow their goals from theory to mission accomplished.”

Billy Starr woke woke up at 4AM to ride his bike from Springfield to Provincetown (a 140 mile ride) in time to make the 3:30PM ferry back to Boston. Three years later, Star led a group of his friends and family on a weekend-long excursion to raise money for research for melanoma, the disease that, by now, had claimed his mother, uncle, and cousin. This group of 36 people rode 220 miles and raised $10,200, which they donated the the Jimmy Fund and Boston’s world renowned .
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Today, more than 5,000 cyclists from 36 states and eight countries join Billy Star in his quest to defeat cancer. This is the PMC’s 31st year, and they have raised an incredible $270 Million dollars, which has been used to improve the lives of those living with cancer. The PMC is now the largest contributor to The Jimmy Fund, providing nearly half its annual revenue.

The Pan-Mass Challenge is being held August 7th and 8th this year and has a goal to raise $31 Million dollars for The Jimmy Fund. Register for the event and help raise money and awareness to beat this horrible disease. Registration is now open for all riders.

This post was inspired by Fiona Coxe, winner of the Montague Boston. Fiona plans to use her Montague Folding Bike to make a difference in her community and ride in the Pan-Mass Challenge. I, at The Montague Corporation, plan to take that weekend in August (pray for gorgeous weather) and use my Montague Folding Bike to participate in the PMC as well. (My friends are going to meet me at the finish line so that I can fold up my bike, put it in the trunk, and head for the beach!)

Thanks so much, Fiona, for bringing attention to this amazing cause. This is a truly inspiring story and certainly reminds me to be thankful every day for the opportunities I have.

Congratulations, Billy Starr on founding such an AMAZING organization. We’re rooting for you!

As always,
Ride Safe!

The Montague Corporation

Do you have a fantastic story like Billy’s and Fiona’s? Would you like us to write more about it? Send me an e-mail at marketing@montaguebikes.com and tell me your story! You may be featured in our upcoming newsletter or here on our blog! We look forward to hearing from you!
-T @ MC

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