2010 Montague FIT Folding Bike

Last week we featured a great riding map for the Boston area created by Mayor Menino’s Boston Bikes program. (See that entry here). For those of you who live outside the Boston area, there is a great new tool released by Google that enables you to find safe bike routes to any destination! Just go to maps.google.com, click on “Get Directions”, select “Bicycling” from the drop down menu, and enter the starting and ending addresses that you want a route planned for.

This new tool gives emphasis to bike paths, takes one-way roads into account, and even adjusts the estimated bicycling time for elevation and fatigue! Bike routing is available for 150 cities across the United States, and should be useful to bicycling experts and novices.

So, grab your Montague Folding Bike and use this tool to find a new route to your favorite destination or to go somewhere that you haven’t been before!

As always,

Ride Safe!

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