The annual Bike and Build ride across America is a fantastic way for cyclists to get more involved in their community. Marc Bush, a former leader of the Habitat Bicycle Challenged (recently cancelled in 2007), founded Bike and Build to raise money and community awareness for the affordable housing crisis in America. Since then, Bike and Build has exploded onto the scene, recruiting over 1,000 participants and raising nearly 2.4 Million dollars!

Bike and Build’s mission statement is inspiring to any young adult who wishes to serve his or her community: “Through service-oriented cycling trips, Bike & Build benefits affordable housing and empowers young adults for a lifetime of service and civic engagement.”
Participants in Bike and Build spend part of their cross-country trip working to build affordable housing in collaboration with the nationwide organization, Habitat For Humanity. During its eight trips this summer, Bike And Build hopes to contribute over 10,000 hours building in sites across the country. Their goal is to donate $550,000 this summer alone!

In addition to raising money and building houses for those who could otherwise not afford them, Bike And Build has created quite the stir along their route. The publicity this epic ride generates is enormous and really brings their cause into the spotlight. Bike And Build recognizes the need to expand the attention the affordable housing crisis receives and makes an effort to make a lasting impression upon everyone they meet. Check out this video, “,com_wrapper/Itemid,129/,” for some exciting shots and newsreel from previous Bike And Build trips!

For those of you that are employed (We feel your pain!) and cannot take off an entire summer, Bike And Build offers two Capital Rides: one from Richmond, VA to DC and one from Richmond to Philly. Participants will experience everything they would on the cross-country trip (including the opportunity to climb the famous Manayuk Wall for the braver and well-trained rider!

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We at the Montague Corporation love to hear that our bikes are being put to good use, so please feel free to e-mail us at and tell us your story about how Montague Folding Bikes has helped you better your community! Your story could be featured in our upcoming newsletter!

We hope to hear from you soon and, as always,

Ride Safe!

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