The Montague Boston Folding Bike! The First Available 700c Single Speed Folding Bike!

2010 Montague Boston Folding Bike

The Boston brings back the basics as the first available 700c single speed folding bike. It is a sleek and lightweight bike powered by a single-speed drivetrain that centers around a flip-flop hub. This special hub allows riders to change between a fixed-gear and free-wheel setup as they please with little effort. The 42 X 16t drivetrain is low weight and geared for city riding. No tubes are cut or altered, creating a sturdy frame for outstanding performance.

“The idea for the Boston was conceived when we examined how people use their bikes in an urban environment,” says product manager Jonathan Vandenberg. “We found that while the concept of a low maintenance, 700c, single speed was ideal for city riding, it clashed with the severe lack of space that most cities suffer. Let’s face it; it’s often hard to find secure outdoor parking for your bike, and who realistically has room in their studio apartment to accommodate a bike? The Boston’s standard full-size geometry allows you to ride comfortably all day long, and when you reach your destination, you can fold the bike down to take it inside. It also looks great and can be easily customized as it uses all standard components.”

Riding through an alley on the Montague Boston folding bike.

By incorporating a patented folding system into a frame built around a flip-flop hub, the Boston folds in under 20 seconds without the use of tools. The simplicity of a single speed road bike merges with the innovation of a folding bike allowing the rider flexibility in combination with other transportation such as trains, cars or taxis. This bike is perfect for the city rider who needs to hop on the train or bus with their bicycle. The Boston can also store easily in a closet or car trunk.

The Boston delivers performance and portability in two frame sizes: 19” & 21”. Standard components make this bike easy to customize at any local bike shop. The suggested retail: $769.00.

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